Crislis Computing - Training At Crislis we aim to put you in charge of the computer, not the computer in charge of you!

There are a great many companies offering superb training facilities and most of them are excellent. But, few address the needs of a small business running on a tight budget. And that is what we do address. Instead of a large number of trainers covering a wide range of subjects with the resultant high running costs we recognise the relatively limited number of applications which the small business needs and have set out to address them.

Instead of maintaining expensive and grandiose premises, adding to our costs and forcing you to travel and stay away, we will come to your premises or an appropriate location near you. Wherever possible we teach you using your equipment ensuring not only your familiarity with the applications you want to use but also with the equipment you will be using. As a consequence we can keep our costs down - and those cost savings we can pass on to you.

We don't even charge per head for small groups. We recognise that whether we are training two people or eight people the difference in cost is small. In particular, the most common applications used nowadays in small businesses are Microsoft Word and Excel. Simply because between them they cover most of your needs. Obviously these are not the only applications we can train you in. But, whatever the application - we can guarantee you a standard and quality of training second to none. an still meet your needs.

Because we can offer flexible services tailored to your needs. At prices you can afford. So, what have you got to lose? Just contact us to see what we can do for you.