Crislis Computing - database design As well as teaching you how to use some of the excellent office applications available we can also build specific applications for you. And the most likely you are to need as a small business is some form of database.

So, what is a database? At its simplest, it is a filing system on a computer. And using something called the relational database model it can be a filing system with a difference. How often, when you have wanted to file something, have you wondered just what to file it under? How often you have wished you could file it in three different places? How often, when you want it again, do you find you can't remember where you filed it?

Well, with a database you just file it. And when you want it, you can retrieve it under any number of different headings. If, for example, it was a letter received in September from Joe Bloggs ordering 27 widgets and asking to open an account - you could search under Joe or Bloggs, widgets, the date, or accounts.

But a database can do far more than that. The same database could hold all of Joe's contact details, all of his orders, his account details and so on - all at the touch of a button.

Stock control, invoicing, ordering, contacts all in one easily accessed central location. And in each and every case the database can be designed around your specific and unique requirements rather than trying to force your business needs into a standard "one size fits all" format.

This database can reside locally on your own computer(s), but, if you are on the move we can even set it up as an internet application for you to utilise whenever and wherever you might be - all you will need is internet access.

So, if that idea appeals, contact us and we will gladly discuss your requirements.