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Random Lottery Number Generator totally FREE to use - but feel equally free to offer me some money if you win! :-)

This page is designed to generate numbers for the UK National Lottery (Lotto) and is thus designed to produce 6 random numbers in the range 1-49 inclusive. This is one of the longest standing and most reliable lottery number pickers on the internet.

Better than using birthdays (and missing out most of the numbers between 31 and 49). And did you know that there is a VERY good chance of two consecutive numbers being drawn - but how many people would choose them?

You should try out the lottery number generator when you play online lottery. The program has been updated to include the new numbers of 1-59. Aplogies for the different print style on the balls valued 50 and over.

You may use it for any other range of numbers, but if ANY of the random numbers calculated are above 59 the coloured balls will not work. The numbers will, however, appear in the boxes below. Use it for Lotto, or any draw which requires 6 numbers to be chosen.

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