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Crislis Computing - extras and gimmicks You may have noticed that our website is not filled with flashy gimmicks. A definite shortage of changing pictures, pretty moving patterns, endless forms to fill in and so on.

There are reasons for this. Firstly, we want you to be able to see and view our site quickly and easily - irrespective of what internet browser, what computer and operating system or what type and speed of internet connection you are using.

Many websites start, for example, with a "Flash" introduction. What so many web designers don't appreciate is that market research shows that 90% of people immediately look for a "skip intro" link or, and especially if they can't find one, simply leave the site. Others incorporate all sorts of wonderful gimmicks, or worse still, important functionality which will only work in Internet Explorer - which 10% of people don't have and around 50% of people don't use. We don't - in fact we always check everything in all the major internet browsers.

It's not that we can't do these things - we choose not to unless they are appropriate and implemented properly.

If you look at some of the websites we have designed or acted as consultants on in our links page you will find examples of properly tested and implemented gimmicks - including the use of Flash.

In addition the three links below lead to pages where we have built useful online applications which people frequently visit and, perhaps more importantly, USE.

  • We also provide an all too brief guide to open-source software. In particular, the availability of:- Operating Systems every bit as powerful as the best Windows has to offer and yet far less resource hungry and FREE
  • replacements for the overpriced Microsoft Office software - again, equally powerful and for the same price - totally free.
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  • mortgage repayment calculator     mortgage Repayment Calculator - More

  • lottery random number generator  Lottery Random Number Generator - More

  • imperial/metric conversions           imperial/metric conversions - more